Due to the current government directive on Covid-19, we are now closed until further notice.

We are aware that your computer is essential to you, but to some, your computer is your essential lifeline to the outside world. Without it, you cannot order food online, and you cannot order your prescriptions etc.

What that means for you:
- Repairs will be carried out either “Remotely”, by “Call-Out” or in certain circumstances “By Appointment”.

Remote Repairs:- Please call our shop number – we will then guide you through the remote connection process.

Call-Outs:- Please call our shop number – we will determine whether an engineer can visit you.

Please bear with us in this challenging time as we flex our business to best support you, our customers and friends.

Finally, please take care of yourself.
Grzegorz Wozny
5 London Road Edinburgh, EH7 5AP
E-mail: Phone: 0131 661 0664