At Escape Computers we are able to repair any computer problem. Whether your hard drive, motherboard, memory, DC jack or LCD has stopped working, we can fix it. Computer not as fast as you would like? No problem! We can upgrade your current system to make it the super-computer you always wanted it to be.

Data Recovery & Transfer
Hard Drive Upgrade or Replacement
Laptop Screen Replacement
Operating System / OS Installation
Windows Repair/ Reinstallation
Virus Spyware / Malware Removal
Motherboard Repair
AC Adapter Jack Replacement

Our technicians will offer you the best level of customer service, the fastest and reliable Computer repair Service in Edinburgh. Whatever computer problem you need fixed, we can help! Our work is 100% guaranteed and we offer warranty of any computer repair service company around Edinburgh to ensure that you are safe from any reoccurring problem.

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Generally speaking we are usually facing 3 types of situations when it comes to devices and repair or upgrades:

Scenario 1: No Diagnosis Needed – Set Price Repair

Typically if a problem is straightforward, you already know exactly what it is, let’s just say as an example, you have a cracked screen, we could give you a quote without doing a diagnosis, based on the model number you give us, so we would be giving a fixed or “set” price for the work e.g to use simple numbers £85 for a 15`6 LED Laptop Screen Repair.

Scenario 2: Diagnosis Needed – Price Given After Diagnosis but Before Repair

In a situation where you are not 100% sure whats causing the issue, and we are not 100% sure because we have not looked at your device thoroughly, we would need to book it in for a diagnosis. So as an example, we don`t charge for diagnosis on laptops. Once we do the diagnosis, we confirm what the cost of repair will be and whats causing the issue. We give you a fixed or set price for the repair. You then decide whether you want to go ahead with the repair or not. If you go ahead you pay one set/fixed priced for the repair. If you decide not to go ahead you take your device back.

Scenario 3: Upgrades & Expansion
In the majority of the cases when it comes to upgrades or adding more memory or a bigger hard disk etc we don’t need to do a diagnosis to give you a cost. We can often give you a cost based on the model number or the computer specifications. Sometimes we can give you a price while you wait, at other times we will need to call or email you back for a price as things would need to be double checked.